UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall, a  long term campaigner for British pubs, has welcomed a survey of the hospitality industry released today that has the industry supporting leaving the EU.

The survey, conducted by William Reed/HIM has the whole industry lining up on the “Leave” campaign by 39% to 37% for ‘Remain’. When small businesses including pubs themselves are singled out the difference is far greater with a full 46% planning to vote out.

Paul Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader, said, “It is clear that pubs recognise that they would be better off out. They are a microcosm of this country, in them the great matters are discussed and they always have been. Be it the weather, sport or politics.

“As I have always said, every pub is a parliament, a parliament of ordinary people, and there, it is clear that people believe that our country’s future will be better served by leaving the EU.

“It is telling that the smaller the business the more likely that they will vote to Leave. The simple fact is that at least 80% of people are employed by businesses that do not export to the EU, but 100% of them are covered by the regulations that stem from there.

“They make employing people more difficult, make publicans spend more time dealing with paperwork than dealing with customers and make expansion and business development a nightmare.”


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